Sign up for a Remotescape Dealer Account - Step 1

The Remotescape iPad & iPhone applications can be programmed to control non-Kaleidescape devices in your home entertainment system (i.e. volume control). Click here for more information. To do this, you need an online Remotescape dealer account, where you provide the details about your system. This information is then automatically sent to the Remotescape app running on your phone, and you will be able to control the volume as you have configured it. Remotescape dealer accounts are free to set up. But, you will have to pay a license fee for each A/V zone you wish to add volume control to.

Verified Kaleidescape dealers, home theater installers, and individuals may sign up for Remotescape dealer accounts. Programming your Remotescape application requires some technical knowledge about your home theater configuration and components: most users will prefer to contact their Kaleidescape dealer or installer for further assistance.

If you already have a Remotescape dealer account, do not create a new one here. If you have forgotten your password, click here.

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